Want to Open for Bon Jovi at the Pepsi Center? Here's How

Have you and your bandmates dreamed of shredding as the opening act at a Jon Bon Jovi show? Apparently, that's not just a delusion of grandeur.

Today, on Facebook, Jon Bon Jovi announced that bands could send audition tapes to his team for a chance to open stadium shows for his 2017 This House Is Not for Sale tour.

"Every great band starts small and builds their rep one show at a time," he said in a statement. "That's the opportunity we were given, and now we want to pay it forward. If you're ready for the arena stage, submit your audition tapes and join us in playing for the best audiences in rock music."

Bon Jovi invited local acts to do the same before his 2006 Have a Nice Day tour and the 2010 Circle tour.

Here are the instructions:

TO ENTER: Bands will upload audition videos beginning now at www.bonjovi.com/2017-opening-act-contest/ or the Bon Jovi and Live Nation Facebook pages. Submissions will be displayed in a live gallery for viewing and sharing. Live Nation will choose 10 finalists, and Bon Jovi management will select the opening act contest winner for each tour date. All musicians who are selected as tour openers will be featured across Live Nation and Bon Jovi’s Facebook pages. For rules, visit http://livemu.sc/OACRules.

The winning Denver band will open for Bon Jovi at the Pepsi Center on March 14. The victors will be announced toward the end of February. Tickets for the show are on sale now at AltitudeTickets and Live Nation.

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