With Forty-Five...Plus One this Saturday, Alf from KTCL is giving his live DJ set a new spin

Speaking of new ways of doing old things, our old pal Alf, the longtime host of KTCL's Locals Only show, is getting his Big Gig pre-game on this Saturday night by taking a very well worn activity and giving it a new -- wait for it -- spin. Uh-huh, see what we did there? Spin, as in records. Get it? Clever, right? Anyhow, just when you think you've heard it all before, Alf's dreamed up a way to make the act of traditional deejaying a little more compelling. Keep reading to find out how.

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Starting at 9 p.m. at Rooster & Moon Coffee Shop on 9th and Bannock, Alf will step behind the decks and play a set of instrumental 45s, and throughout the course of the set, he's going to have a different musician play along with whatever tune he's served up. He's calling it Forty-Five...Plus One.

The whole thing sounds pretty nifty, and he's enlisted a pretty impressive batch of folks to take part: Extra Kool, Jason Hoke (Epilogues), Brent Loveday (Reno Divorce), Andy Guerrero (Bop Skizzum), Joshua Trinidad (Go Star), Josh Lee (Eldren), Tavis Alley (Vices I Admire) and Ian Gilchrist (Jonny Barber). "This might end up being really cool," he says, "or it might just be a mess. But either way, I think it'll be fun to try."

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