Reader: "Freedom Is a Lie If You Have People Outcast and Homeless"

Reader: "Freedom Is a Lie If You Have People Outcast and Homeless"
Brandon Marshall
While Denver continues to debate how to handle homelessness in this city, the Colorado Village Collaborative, along with community partners and volunteers, completed the city's first tiny village for the homeless in RiNo. After months of work to change rules regarding tiny homes, and then two months of construction, residents finally moved into the eleven units that make up Beloved Community Village, and got down to the business of living in their self-governed community

Beloved Community Village will be hosting a thank-you event in August; in the meantime, the CVC will partner with St. Andrews Episcopal church to build its next tiny home village, which will house homeless women.  And over in Aurora, city officials have used marijuana money to open a day shelter. What's next? More community discussion, apparently. Says Mark: 
Homelessness is the display of the failure of a society. A government unable to provide for its people is a failed form of government. To be the best government in the world, you can not have a homeless problem. Equality is just a word and freedom is a lie if you have people outcast and homeless.
Responds Erik: 
Go visit Vancouver or San Francisco or Chicago, liberal cities that can't say no to homeless that now are being swallowed by their messes. If you like people doing heroin in public without caring about you or your kids, and all the businesses you love moving out of your reach, keep it up.
But then there's this from Alma:
 If people would research who created homelessness, they would understand it is a hard system to get out of. Yeah, some of them are addicted to drugs, but most of them also have a mental disability.
What do you think Denver should be doing to help the homeless? Keep reading for some of our coverage of the issue, and see the Beloved Community Village slideshow here.

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