Painful Last Performance Caps Off Awful Broncos Season

This is what fandom looks like.
This is what fandom looks like. YouTube
With ten minutes left in the fourth quarter of the final game of the season for the Broncos, Case Keenum connected with fullback Andy Janovich for a touchdown against the Chargers.

Up to that point, both teams had played ugly football, and the low score, 9-14, indicated that. Following the touchdown, Broncos coach Vance Joseph decided to go for a two-point conversion to bring the Broncos within a field goal of tying it up.

Keenum dropped back and whipped the ball in the area of Courtland Sutton, only to see it end up in the hands of Chargers defensive back Casey Hayward, who ran it 102 yards in the opposite direction. The pick two, a rare occurrence in football, gave the Chargers a 9-16 lead, which increased by another touchdown in the waning minutes of the game.

Although that failed two-point conversion attempt resulted in only a four-point swing, the moment embodied the Broncos' whole 6-10 season: It lulled fans into thinking there's hope, only to disappoint them.

Broncos fans and media personalities on Twitter voiced their characteristically strong feelings about just how much the team blew it this season during and after the week 17 loss to the Chargers. And Joseph's firing this morning served as the coup de grace they have all been waiting for.

This tweet from 104.3 personality Zach Bye captured what every fan was feeling while watching the game against the Chargers:

When the highlight of the game is a halftime running of livestock, it's obvious the Broncos are not very entertaining:

Despite Joseph's firing, questions continue to mount about whether John Elway is any good at his job, especially when it comes to evaluating the quarterback position. But, as PFTCommenter of Barstool Sports points out, Elway could be drafting and signing subpar quarterbacks so that none of them can capture his legacy as the greatest Broncos quarterback of all time:

Regardless of who was throwing the ball, fans continued to question the team's play-calling:

Some observers from as far away as California commented on just how bad the Broncos looked:
Closer to home, Mike Klis pointed out what he believed to be a referendum on Joseph:

The referendum passed, and Joseph got the boot:
Even Trump tuned in to express his delight at Vance Joseph's demise:

Trump may be happy, but the best football teams have continuity, not chaos, at the head coach position:

The Broncos are already shopping for a new head coach. The team, holding the tenth overall pick in the 2019 draft, also might be on the lookout for a new quarterback. Let's hope Elway can get it right this time.
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