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Asked and Answered: Where Would You Take Someone You Hate Who's Visiting Denver?

You can't make a spur-of-the-moment trip to Casa Bonita, but readers serve up plenty of nauseating options.
Denver has a lot to love.
Denver has a lot to love. Evan Semon
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In the annual Best of Denver, we celebrate hundreds of things we love about Denver. In weekly posts like our cover story on the best ice cream shops in Denver, we serve up many more.

But we recently decided to switch out the scenario, and asked: "If someone you hate was visiting Denver, where would you take them?" Hundreds of readers offered suggestions in response to the Westword Facebook post. Says Virginia:
I would take them to one of the cookie-cutter suburbs, to dine at a chain restaurant, and shop at the mall.
Responds Lucy:
That’s funny, because we had a couple visit that I couldn’t be any less excited to see. We took them on a bike tour and as soon as we got out of the old beautiful Denver home area they kept saying, “Oh, now these are NICE!” referring to the cookie-cutter homes. Then they wanted to to go to chain restaurants/bars. I think the joke was on us.  
Counters Edward:
To where I grew up on the Northside, for a depressing tour of all the great shit they’ve torn down and replaced with dumb- looking modern builds. Condos and houses that look like they were designed by a toddler now line the streets, all mashed together where beautiful Victorian homes once proudly stood. They can wander around and enjoy the many craft booze and brunch places until they run out of money buying truffle-infused garlic aioli IPAs or whatever the fuck you people drink in them joints. Then I’d probably kick them out of the car near the Pepsi center somewhere right before a game lets out. So they can deal with that nightmare.
Lynn is more succinct:
16th Street Mall
Offers Jack:
I-70 Eastbound on the Sunday after MLK weekend…in a Tesla with a low battery.
Another driving idea from Alex:
I'd tell them to tour the right lane of southbound Federal to get a good feel for Denver.
Suggests Michael:
The Avenue of Broken Dreams…and boy, is it. When I need to be humbled, I drive Aurora to Lakewood on Colfax.
Offers Neil:
Red Rocks, not for a show, just for the traffic
A nauseating concept from Richard:
Love Lakeside, but a ride on the Chipmunk just might do the trick.
Notes Shannon:
Well, we can’t say Casa Bonita anymore.
And it's Chris for the win:
To the airport!
Where you would take someone you hate who's visiting Denver? Someone you love? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected].
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