Medical marijuana: Denver's five dankest street corners

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Medical marijuana dispensaries have not only made Denver one of the most, um, medicated places in the United States; they've also made the Mile High one of the dankest-smelling cities in the nation. On some streets, the scent of cannabis can appear as just a faint whiff over the other scents of a bustling urban area. Other parts of town, though, make you question whether or not a skunk was hit by a car nearby.

In this post, we'll take a look sniff around town, highlighting the skunkiest streets and most chronic corners. To give you an idea of how stinky each one rates, we here at Mile Highs and Lows came up with a highly scientific test method (pretty much just me and William Breathes standing on the street corners sniffing the air), and devised a Dank-o-Meter to record our findings. The scale ranges from one fan leaf on the low end to a full seven leaves when things get downright funky.

No. 5 South Broadway and West Asbury Avenue Even with three dispensaries around, marijuana does not fill the air. There aren't even roses to smell around here, just car fumes and leftover gutter waste. Unless the breeze picks up the green scent as patients enter and leave the surrounding dispensaries, there isn't much wellness to smell around here. No. 4 South Broadway and West Colorado Avenue Ganja Gourmet doesn't overwhelm the block, but occasionally the wind picks up the aroma of marijuana and carries it across the asphalt sea of exhaust fumes and construction to the hopeful nostrils of bud seeking patients. You'll definitely notice when these guys have cooked up something green and wonderful. No. 3 21st through 22nd streets at Larimer Street Passing 22nd while walking down Larimer, nostrils may tingle with the scent of reefer, if only for a second. Depending on where you stand and which way the wind blows, the scents of the green shops on this block offer some competition for the Mexican restaurant and burger place nearby. As one passerby said to some friends the day we stopped by for our sniff test: "There's a lot of wellness coming from that place." No. 2 14th and Market Streets When the guys over at the Mayflower leave their second-story window open in the late hours of the afternoon, 14th and Market is the place to be. Though the smell doesn't fill the streets and is snuffed out when the surrounding bars and clubs fire up their grills for dinner, this corner will bless pedestrians with a good whiff of the green from time to time. No. 1 West 6th Avene & North Kalamath Street Now this is the corner to be. The smell of ganja overpowers every inch of this busy corner as a sea of cars continuously pours on and off Sixth Avenue. Pedestrians walking out front during a First Friday event at the Battery should take it slow and enjoy the wonderful smell of Mother Nature's goodness that envelops the air from the plethora of medical marijuana grow houses nearby. This is easily the dankest corner in Denver we've found so far.

Sniffed out a dank corner lately? Let us hear about it in the comment section below.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.