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Sorry Dude! Dad & Dude's Breweria Creates The Interview Apology Beer for Kim Jong-Un

Now that Sony has officially canceled the theatrical release of The Interview, a film depicting the assassination of North Korea leader Kim Jong-Un, the nation is evaluating how to respond. Dad & Dude's Breweria thinks an apology would be the best course of action. But not just a typical, boring "We're sorry." No, this "apology" comes in the form of Colorado's favorite alcoholic beverage: beer.

On Friday, as people around the world were talking about The Interview, the Breweria announced its newest creation: Sorry Dude stout. Canning will begin sometime next year, but if you want to try this American-style diplomacy sooner, it will be on tap in mid to late January.

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According to the Dad & Dude's Facebook announcement, a lot of thought and care went into the making of this brew. Sorry Dude will be extremely bitter, extra dark and low in alcohol. The brewers are aiming for "something that isn't too scary for an American to swallow," they say.

And the satire doesn't end there: "We have also decided to make another revolutionary change with this can. Instead of using 16oz 'Tall Boy' cans as we usually do, we have decided it would be more fitting to make this stout a 12oz 'shorty.'"

Mason Hembree -- the "Dude" in Dad & Dude -- came up with the idea. "Originally it was just supposed to be a joke," he says. But when the requests started coming in for distribution of Sorry Dude outside of Colorado, Dad & Dude decided to actually make it. A co-op in Connecticut has already offered to help fundraise for the apology beer -- which is definitely no real apology to the leader of North Korea.

Depending on how Sorry Dude goes over, Hemlee is open to the idea of another satire beer, possibly featuring another well-known world leader. "We're not too shy over here at Dad & Dude's," he says.

So far, Dad & Ddue's has not received an official response from North Korea. And maybe that's a good thing... Have a tip? Send it to editorial@westword.com.

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