Video: Operation Grow4Vets gets national boost for cannabis giveaways

Back in May, we told you about Operation Grow4Vets, an organization dedicated to providing free cannabis to veterans who may be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Now, founder Roger Martin's brainchild has gotten its biggest boost yet: a CBS profile on view below. And he hopes the exposure will help bring the project to the next level.

In an e-mail, Martin offers back-pats to CBS correspondent Barry Peterson, producer Paige Kendig and This Morning hosts Norah O'Donnell and Gayle King for what he describes as "their post-story remarks encouraging (our cowardly government to allow) studies on the effectiveness of cannabis in the treatment of PTSD and other serious medical conditions that far too many American heroes suffer from!"

As for the response from viewers, Martin characterized it during an interview earlier today as "awesome. We've had people signing up like crazy and a lot of interaction from people all over the country," with bumps in the number of likes on the Grow4Vets Facebook page and more Twitter followers.

The timing of the report couldn't have been better, Martin believes. In the next week or two, he says, "we're going to be making a major announcement that will have an impact on more than just veterans. So there are a lot of good things happening. We're very excited."

Here's the CBS report.

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