Was Ralphie May Too Stoned to Finish Comedy Show Broken Up by Cops?

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Last Friday, comedian Ralphie May's show in Grand Junction included some special guests -- members of the Grand Junction Police Department, who responded to a row involving attendees reportedly pissed at May's apparent intoxication. Afterward, May's manager called his client the "first victim of legalized marijuana," suggesting that he'd overindulged when it came to weed -- a story that went national thanks to TMZ. But now, the comic is giving the story a slightly different spin.

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Here's what went down, according to a statement by the GJPD:

The Grand Junction Police Department responded to the Avalon Theatre last night, after audience members became angry with the performance of comedian Ralphie May.

Prior to police officers arriving, private security guards had to escort a handful of people out of the theater who were yelling at May during his performance. The Avalon staff called 911 when 15-20 angry audience members began gathering in the lobby, demanding their money back, complaining that May was intoxicated.

Four officers arrived on scene and quickly calmed the group and de-escalated the situation. No one was hurt during the incident, and further investigation showed no laws were broken so there were no arrests or citations issued. Officers escorted May to his bus to ensure his safety. May and his crew then left town.

Footage of May's departure soon popped up on TMZ, whose gag-filled, too-high-to-perform report includes this graphic unlikely to be picked up by VISIT DENVER anytime soon:

In an interview with Grand Junction's Daily Sentinel, Andrew Dorfman, May's manager, promised refunds to anyone who wanted one -- and played up the ganja angle. His comments included, "Honestly, he didn't know how to moderate last night. He was a big kid in a candy store, and he had fun with it," "For anybody to be surprised that Ralphie May was in Colorado and was stoned on stage, when he's the King of the Stoners, is crazy," and "He didn't do any drugs...he did all the drugs."

May's account? In an interview with KEZO radio, he maintains that the reason people couldn't hear him, and thought he was mumbling and incoherent, was due to monitor problems at the show. He insists he wasn't as blotto as it appeared, although he acknowledges having been on cold medication, which he "probably shouldn't have taken" before hitting the stage. May adds that the cops were called to protect him from "the yahoos" and rejects as utterly ridiculous one of the wilder claims to come out of the incident -- that he allegedly "kicked a kid with cerebral palsy."

To hear the KEZO interview, click here -- and check out the TMZ clip below.

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