A sizzling dry hot pot with whole shrimp at Yum Yum Spice.EXPAND
A sizzling dry hot pot with whole shrimp at Yum Yum Spice.
Mark Antonation

Reader: Denver Has the Worst Chinese Restaurant Options

The Chinese New Year started this week, and to mark the occasion, on February 1 we rolled out our list of the ten best Chinese restaurants in Denver. But will the best stay the best? Our Best of Denver 2019 Readers' Poll is now live, and you have until March 20 to vote for the Best Chinese Restaurant, among many other categories.

Readers are already rolling out their own favorites...and one insists that Denver's Chinese restaurants are the worst.

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Says Nikki:

 Glad to see Little Chengdu, Yum Yum Spice and Szechuan Tasty House, but another gem is China Jade in Aurora. I lived in China for two years and it is also legit.

Adds Joe: 

The best in Cap Hill is Great Wall on Colfax and Pennsylvania. All the locals know this. Do delivery or take out as the dining room is nasty.

Adds Staci:

 Oh, my God, I love the new China Café. The only place I’ve ever had decent Chinese food.

Comments Pamela: 

We are always looking for some good Chinese food!

But Brandon concludes: 

Denver has the worst Chinese restaurant options. Some great Thai and Vietnamese choices, though.

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According to the Western calendar, this is February 2019. But on the Chinese lunar calendar, the year 4717 — the Year of the Pig — is just beginning. Celebrations and activities marking the Chinese New Year continue around town this week.

And, of course, Denver's best Chinese restaurants will keep serving long after that. For the record, our list of the ten best in 2019: Flower Pepper, Hop Alley, Hong Kong Cafe, Little Chengdu Asian Cafe, Q House, Star Kitchen, Sunflower Asian Cafe, Super Star Asian, Szechuan Tasty House and Yum Yum Cafe.

Is your favorite Chinese restaurant on that list? Or do you think another spot is the best? Post a comment or share your thoughts at cafe@westword.com.

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