Ten kid beverages you should totally still drink

Back when you were young, only taste mattered in terms of drink selection. Well, that and availability -- i.e. what your Mom allowed you to have. But mainly it was taste -- you weren't thinking about caloric content, or artificial sweeteners, or the effects of too much caffeine on your sleep that night, or too much alcohol on your workday the next morning.

You were thinking about what was yummy.

But as the years pass, so do your tastes. More to the point, they become complicated by other factors, and the central question -- do I like this? -- becomes only one point of contention to your internal beverage debate.

But really, just because you know you shouldn't consume something doesn't mean that you never consume it again. (Thus, the continued existence of Little Debbie.) So it raises the question: what kids drinks are still worth drinking? Here are ten good candidates.

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Teague Bohlen is a writer, novelist and professor at the University of Colorado Denver. His first novel, The Pull of the Earth, won the Colorado Book Award for Literary Fiction in 2007; his textbook The Snarktastic Guide to College Success came out in 2014. His new collection of flash fiction, Flatland, is available now.
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