The ten most cringe-worthy/awkward interviews

Celebrities get lucky with interviews most of the time. Networks cut down strange content, or if the interview is too weird, they never make it into print. Regardless of studio and agent watchdogs, countless interviews have made us uncomfortable enough to cringe, even if we couldn't pull our eyes and ears away.

This one didn't make the list, but holy crap if it doesn't make us cringe and chuckle gleefully with delight every single time we see it. Our favorite exchange: "I know you're coming out here and you're trying to be crazy and you fuck up shit with your little saw," Tom Green says. "I come out every night and fuck up shit with my little saw," Jesse James Dupree fires back at Green, to which he says, "That's probably really funny, yeah? Does it get a laugh normally?" Follow the jump to see the ten that did make the list.

10. Sigur Rós on NPR's Bryant Park: Sometimes you feel sorry for the artist in an interview, sometimes you feel sorry for the interviewer. We feel sorry for everyone here. The interviewer's questions are about the same quality as those of a high-school newspaper, but the band's not helping, either. Do they feel stupid? Awkward? Are they mocking the interviewer? We've haven't a clue, but it sure makes us feel a bit like puking.

09. Crispin Glover on Letterman: My goodness. What more can we say? What is Crispin Glover doing? More important, why can't David Letterman handle him? Crispin Glover might be playing something awful here, but at the same time, David Letterman should have been able to deal with it a little better. The follow-up video, which attempts to explain everything two and a half years later, isn't much better.

08. Jim Everett on Jim Rome: If we were giant dudes and you kept calling us by a different name, we'd be pretty pissed, too. Jim Rome's voice has always been a little grating for us, so seeing him get socked was not only cringe-worthy, but a wee bit satisfying as well.

07. Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman: Joke, hoax, whatever -- there is no saving the complete and utter weirdness of this interview. We haven't figured this one out, and frankly, we'd prefer to let it just rest in the annals of history as "the time Joaquin Phoenix was on Letterman and it was weird."

06. Artie Lange on Joe Buck Live: This was difficult to actually track down. It seems like the Internet didn't want to keep it hosted anywhere. Either way, this appearance got Lange booted off of HBO for a bit. We're not going to argue with anti-Cowboys sentiments, but, well, you can decide for yourself on this one.

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