Colorado Launches Survey to Find Out How You Use Cannabis

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has launched a survey to begin monitoring patterns of retail marijuana use in this state. The Cannabis Users Survey on Health includes 32 questions on everything from why people are using marijuana to their preferred method of consumption and  frequency of use.

Marijuana continues to be the most commonly used illicit drug across the country, according to the 2014 National Survey on Drug Use and Health. The CUSH survey will help Colorado track residential usage rates and use those results to help contribute to the national dialogue around marijuana as other states attempt to legalize the drug. 

The survey is voluntary and anonymous, open to all Colorado residents ages 21 and up. It should take no more than ten minutes to complete. 

"This survey will give us essential information as Colorado continues to break new ground on legal marijuana,” explains Mike VanDyke, manager of the department's Retail Marijuana Program.“For example, if we know more about preferred methods of use, we can better target potential research about health effects of marijuana.”

The survey will be available until October 31 and can be accessed online at

We have ten more questions that the CDPHE could have asked:

1. What's the craziest experience you've had while smoking weed?

2. What's the most painful injury/condition that marijuana has helped with?

3. Where is your favorite location for smoking pot?

4. What was the most intense high conversation you've had?

5. Do you prefer to smoke alone or with people? 

6. Have you ever smoked with your parents?

7. What time of day is your favorite to smoke?

8. Do your favorite colors/foods/music change when you're high?

9. Who's your favorite person to smoke with? Why?

10. If it were legal to smoke marijuana everywhere in the world, where would you most want to toke it up?
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