William Breathes on "The Daily Show."
William Breathes on "The Daily Show."

Marijuana critic William Breathes on being interviewed by... CNN?

CNN's Poppy Harlow's interviews with countless influential business leaders -- from GM CEO Frtiz Henderson, to billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban -- are a popular feature on the cable news giant.

So, I wonder where my interview yesterday with her will rank?

Harlow was out here in Denver yesterday talking with me for a business story she is doing on the Colorado Medical Marijuana industry. Specifically, the story is on the new jobs created. More specifically: my job.

I won't spoil too much about the interview, which is set to air next week -- but Harlow and her camera man spent a couple of hours with me at my home yesterday. We talked about the job and the medical ganja industry, she watched me go through a strain review, and her camera stealthily followed me on a dispensary visit. Her crew also made the rounds to several other dispensaries in town, as well as stopped by the Westword offices.

Overall, I think the interview went well and I'm looking forward to see what they condense into the two-minute segment about business. If anything, I hope it sheds some positive light on this blossoming industry to people who aren't as fortunate to live in a medical marijuana state.

The story might not be a big hit among her usual business audience. But while rich-guys like Cuban can often provide ranting and opinionated sound bytes, I showed the admittedly marijuana-naïve Harlow how to pack a bowl. And yeah ,our meeting didn't take place in a million-dollar high-rise office -- but I doubt Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer lit up a bong during his interview (though I'd love to find out I'm wrong about that).

Editor's note: William has been making the media rounds lately. Aside from his 28 seconds of infamy on The Daily Show, Breathes was included a bit in the Denver Post piece "High art: Weed-themed Entertainment Popping Up All Over the Mile High City" earlier this month. He also spent some time on John Doe Radio last month.


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