Photos: Top ten Urban Dictionary words inspired by CU-Boulder

We love us some Urban Dictionary, in part because it features plenty of unusual definitions for words we thought we knew pretty damn well -- like, for instance, "Colorado" and "Denver."

Our latest collection, featuring original (and unedited) definitions we've photo-illustrated, features words inspired by CU-Boulder, from "Penalty Shotgun" (it doesn't involve hockey) to "Purple Dick" (the art for that one, on the post's last page, is sorta NSFW). Increase your word power, and your laughter, below.

"Penalty Shotgun"

A term stemming from a CU Boulder student's frustration with unpunished party fowls.

Anyone who commits a party fowl is required to get on one knee and shotgun a beer without delay. Any beer will do, but the cheaper/shittier the better. This is the only acceptable action to make up for spilling beer, not finishing a shot, or other fowls designated by the providers of the liquor and/or head(s) of the house/venue.

Self-administered penalty shotguns are not only acceptable but encouraged. Refusal of a penalty shotgun results in immediate removal from the party and well deserved embarrassment

A freshman walks into your party asks for a shot of Takaa Liquor (vodka or gin) and fails to take the entire shot:

"Ohhhh, you bitch! Penalty shotgun, right here ladies and gentlemen, he can't even finish a single shot! Someone get me a Keystone Light right now! Ok, take a knee you cocksucker, this is your one and only chance for redemption"


Photos: Top ten Urban Dictionary words inspired by CU-Boulder

Half man, half girl. Can drink as much as a college boy, but still has female sex appeal. The most notorious MERL, rumoured to be named 'Noor', attends the University of Colorado at Boulder and can be spotted at the bars on a daily basis on the prowl. Though there is no actual documentation of this MERL, many have claimed to have spotted her on several occasions. Use caution in the presence of a MERL.

"God I love being half man, half girl"

"MERL, you probably shouldn't say that in public anymore"

"MERL you are the coolest 'guy' in the house"

Continue for more of our top ten Urban Dictionary words inspired by CU-Boulder.

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