10 things to do for $10 this weekend, September 2-5, 2011

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September is finally here, and we all know what that means -- well, nothing, really, but it does mean the changeover to fall is just a few weeks away. In itself, that's nothing to worry about, but if you've been holed up all summer and haven't gone out for some weekend fun, you don't have too many more chances left. This weekend is a good place to start, especially considering it essentially marks the unofficial end of summer with Labor Day on Monday. We've got plenty of different things to do on the cheap, from tons of art shows to motorcycle rally's and powwows. ARTCRANK at Super Ordinary Gallery (Friday, free) Bikes! Drawings and photos of them! That's really what ARTCRANK is all about, and if it sounds boring, then you're probably not the intended audience. It's not just about the thirty local artists who contributed to the show, of course; there is also a fashion-show, film screening, photo-booth and more. We'd recommend parking a few blocks away if you show up in a car, though. Brittany Gould at Sputnik (Friday, free) Brittany Gould seems to enjoy making small, seemingly innocuous paper sculptures. At a glance, they seem like torn-up shreds, but once you get closer and actually look, they'll blow your mind in more ways than one. Seriously, pop in and take a gander if you're in the area. Christine Buchsbaum and Jessica Kreutter at Pirate Contemporary Art (Friday, free) Both artists debuting work at Pirate tonight are concerned with the idea of space. For her part, Christine Buchsbaum tackles it with photographs that generate a feeling of lost space, whereas Jessica Kreutter does the same, but with found objects incorporated into ceramic work. The two together should make a compelling show.

Meditating on the Impermanence of Everything Solid by Allison Whelan at The Other Side Arts (Friday, free) Allison Whelan's art is about what you'd expect from the title of the show, which is to say, it's a blend of real-world ideas with somewhat metaphysical ones. Everything crumbles, or is see-through, but it's no less interesting to look at.

New Works from Ethan Garton and Elena Stonaker at Illiterate Gallery (Friday, free) Usually, shows with a couple different artists cater to different mediums, but in this case, it's the same medium -- ink and watercolor -- but with two very different styles. While the works of Ethan Garton and Elena Stonaker might not be aesthetically similar, their themes and their formats certainly are. A Taste of Colorado at Civic Center Park (Friday-Monday, free) Taste of Colorado isn't just about the food, it's also about the beer. Well, the beer and the people-watching. There are few events in Civic Center Park more fun than sitting on a bench and watching people get completely hammered while chewing on random bits of food from suspect vendors. POWWOW at Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center (Saturday, free) In the plaza in front of the museum today, dancers will be performing traditional Native American dances and selling crafts and jewelry. If you're in the neighborhood, it should be a lovely sight to see. Four Corners Biker Rally Hot Rod and Motorcycle Parade in Durango (Sunday, free) The city of Durango is going to be loud as hell this weekend, as motorcycles and hot-rods take over the streets. If that wasn't enough, plenty of bands will be kicking it live as well, including Vince Neil, Loverboy and Joan Jett. Seriously, be careful if you head down there. We heard people that ride motorcycles are in gangs.

The Market at Belmar (Sunday, free) Sundays are inherently lazy days, but with most people taking Monday off, Sunday is even lazier than usual. What better way to celebrate than to hit up an outdoor public market? Plenty of local vendors will be around to dish goods and services, and if you get bored or hot, you can always just head over to the theater and watch whatever explosion-heavy movie is opening this weekend.

End of the Denver Zoo's Summer Season at the Denver Zoo (Sunday, varies) It's the last weekend of the Denver Zoo Summer Season, which includes a ton of special animals that won't be here any other time of the year. It'll cost you $13 if you're a boring old adult, but seniors and kids can sneak in on the cheap. What better way to celebrate Labor Day than by sending Grandma to the zoo with the kids?

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.