It's Like This: Fuck Off Zine Colorado Skate Video No. 2 premieres tonight at Tooey's

The charmingly-titled local rag Fuck Off Zine is known as much for its for offend-everybody headlines like "How To Give Yourself an Abortion" and "Spitting on Bulldykes" as for its skateboard photography, and has now been potty-mouthing its way through "skateboard carnage from the bowels of ColoRADo" for 11 issues and counting, dribbled out over the last 15 years. The slightly more search-friendly website FOZine.com launched in March, and tonight the FOZ crew will premiere It's Like This: Colorado Skate Video No. 2 at Tooey's Off Colfax, 1521 Marion Street, with a $5 all-ages screening (fuck yeah!) at 8 p.m. and a 21+ encore and party starting at 10 p.m. We've got the trailer after the jump, with a word to the wise for those of you watching while you're at work: Mind the volume... F-bombs ahead!

"Our whole thing is we don't really care what people think," says FOZine F'itor-In-Chief Rob "Stamina" Stamm, in one of the biggest understatements of all time. "We're just kind of making fun of everything and celebrating core, underground skateboarding, you know? More thrashin', less fashion."

It's Like This is the follow-up to Stamm's 2002 FOZ film Against the Device and features footage of dozens of local skaters, shot over the last five years.

foz#2 promo "it"s like This!" from fozine on Vimeo.

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