The Crown of the Continent is losing its jewels.
The Crown of the Continent is losing its jewels.
Photo by Eric Peterson

Montana's Glacier National Park loses another pair of its namesake features

The big headline on this first weekday of National Park Week is not good news -- unless you're pushing for a name change to Glacierless National Park.

The Associated Press is reporting that two more glaciers in Glacier National Park have gone the way of the dodo. The park -- which once had 150 named glaciers -- is now down to 25, and that number could dwindle to zero by the end of this decade.

From the AP story:

Warmer temperatures have reduced the number of named glaciers in the Montana park to 25, Dan Fagre, an ecologist with the U.S. Geological Survey, said. Its largest remaining glacier is Harrison Glacier, which is about 465 acres, or 190 hectares, in size.

Some glaciers, such as in the Himalayas, could hold out for centuries. But more than 90 percent of glaciers worldwide are in retreat, with major losses in Alaska, the Alps and the Andes, researchers said. Ski resorts set atop glaciers in the Alps have taken measures to stave off the decline.

Global-warming skeptics are blaming the media -- pretty much everyone else is blaming global warming.


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