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The Undead Orchestra comes to life for the Bride of Frankenstein Saturday

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The Colorado Symphony has been infected with a virus -- a terrible affliction that compels the group to play classic horror film soundtracks. But that's not all. "Oh, god, it's terrible," says Scott O'Neil, conductor of the Undead Orchestra. "They've been exhibiting these really strange mood swings and food cravings. I've been running for my life for the last two days."

Apparently the orchestra starting exhibiting zombie-like symptoms just a few days ago. "It could be the very first orchestra of all zombies in the history of mankind," says Tony Pierce, vice president of artistic operations.

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If members of the Undead Orchestra can keep their hands off brains long enough, they will be perform a live version of the soundtrack to Bride of Frankenstein, the classic 1935 James Whale movie, as part of the CSO's Symphony at the Movies series on October 26.

Franz Waxman did the original score of Bride of Frankeinstein. "Before John Williams, Franz was the guy," says O'Neil. Waxman also did other classics like Sunset Boulevard and A Place in the Sun, which earned him Academy Awards."It's a fantastic score, people are really going to enjoy the music -- if we can stay focused long enough to play it," says O'Neil.

And that may not be easy. "There's going to be some theatrics of the orchestra entering as zombies and coming through the house," says Pierce. "We got smoke and thunder and lightning. It's going to be a little bit spooky, it's going to be fun."

After Bride of Frankenstein, Boettcher will turn into a movie theater for the second half of the night: a showing of Young Frankenstein, the classic Mel Brooks film. Much to O'Neil's dismay, the orchestra won't be playing along to Young Frankenstein, which hasn't been available for screening. So instead, members of the orchestra may join the audience.

"Well, we'll see," says O'Neil. "If we think it's safe -- we don't want to be the cause of an epidemic."

The audience is invited to come in costume to join in the fun. "If you've never been to the symphony, maybe this is the one you want to try," concludes O'Neil. "Maybe music isn't your thing, but you still got this cool movie. It's Halloween, after all. It's a party."

The Colorado Symphony presents The Undead Orchestra playing the soundtrack to Bride of Frankenstein at Boettcher Concert Hall at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, October 26. Find tickets and more information on the Colorado Symphony site.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.