Tonight: Dana Cain and Anthony Camera talk collecting photography

For anyone who missed the opening salvo of Denver's Month of Photography on First Friday, there's yet time (a lot of time, actually) to check out the more than one hundred venues dedicated this month to showcasing one of the more underappreciated fine arts, and tonight brings yet another excellent jumping-off point. Because when it comes to appreciating art, there's no one who knows better than the collector -- and in this town, there's probably no more prodigious collector than Dana Cain, our Mastermind issue cover girl and the subject of a regular feature on Show and Tell dedicated to, you know, her art collection. Tonight she teams up with photographer Anthony Camera (who, we suspect, was as preordained to his profession as a guy named Jeeves) for a conversation about the art of collecting photography.

It happens at RedLine Gallery, where (while you're there) you can also take in Thought Objects, an exhibition curated by Mark Sink, who, incidentally, is the guy who put Month of Photography together in the first place. The talk, "Action Figures," begins at 7 p.m. and goes until 9.

In the meantime, check out Cain's event site, where she's creating a comprehensive catalogue of all the artwork she owns -- she's got about a hundred works posted so far.

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