Reader: Denver Is Losing Landmark Restaurants to Gentrification

Mataam Fez
Denver is losing some of its most iconic restaurants, including a trio that have been open for more than forty years. The last day of 2017 marked the last day of the downtown Broker, which had opened back in 1972. The Wazee Lounge and Supper Club is slated to serve its last pizza this month. And word came down this week that Mataam Fez, which opened in 1976, will close this month, though the owner hopes to reopen in another location. The news inspired a flood of memories....and comments. Recalls onetime Denver restaurant critic Thom Wise:
One of my favorite jobs ever! As a waiter, back in the late 70s. Yup, I wore a fez hat and poured sugary mint tea into a glass that was balanced on my foot!
Remembers Catherine:
 I have been going here since I was a teenager! Spent my 21 birthday there before heading to Confetti!!! Love the food and belly dancers!!!
Says Sarah 
Denver is losing its landmark restaurants! This was one of my favorites. The food wasn't always great, but the atmosphere was incredible. I hope they can recreate it in a new location.
As for the current spot, Sharleen says: 
A Colfax classic. It’ll be remodeled; shingles and Moroccan exterior accents will be replaced for a Colorado-cube look: metal railing, flat wood accents, lots of glass.
Concludes Angelika: 
This is exactly what gentrification looks like!
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