Ask a Stoner: What's the Deal With 7/10?EXPAND

Ask a Stoner: What's the Deal With 7/10?

Dear Stoner: What’s this newfound affinity for 7/10? Sounds like a marketing ploy by the cannabis industry to me.

Dear Skeptik: A sign of changing tides, I suppose. July 10, or 7/10, doesn’t have anywhere near the political or social meaning that April 20 (or 4/20) does — its inspiration was the fact that 710 upside down looks like “oil” — and its rise in popularity has been mostly organic. Instead of joints, bong tokes and everything that involves pot, 7/10 concentrates on concentrates, which have skyrocketed in sales since recreational legalization.

Ask a Stoner: What's the Deal With 7/10?
Jacqueline Collins

Flower accounted for around 90 percent of retail dispensary sales in 2014, but that share has since dropped to 65 percent while concentrates have risen to nearly 30 percent of the market, according to customer-engagement platform Baker. So as hash grows, 7/10 is likely to, as well. Sure, dispensaries marketed the shit out of it as July 10 came and went, but what’s so bad about blowout shatter sales?

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