Why Colorado Tokers Love Don Shula OG

Unlike the legendary coach, Don Shula OG can be trifled with.EXPAND
Unlike the legendary coach, Don Shula OG can be trifled with.
Herbert Fuego
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Don Shula was one of the best football coaches of all time. An offensive innovator. A leader of men. Owner of the most NFL wins in history. Coach of the only undefeated team. But he also coached the most games of all time (compiler, anyone?), and peaked at a time when players had names like Marv and Dick. Would his intense style still hold up today, or would he adapt?

Sadly, Don Shula passed away last year at ninety, and far be it from a stoner born a few years before the Don retired to opine on his career what-ifs. But Don Shula OG, the gassy weed hybrid? Totally in my wheelhouse.

Weed years are like dog years since the plant was legalized, basically making Dank by Pank's third-place trophy for Don Shula at the 2016 High Times Cannabis Cup a 35-year-old honor. The even-keeled strain has stood the test of time, however, with much thanks to Dank by Pank's loyal and well-earned following. Still, Don Shula doesn't carry the same relevance as it did in 2016, before the Cookies tidal wive hit.

A recent go at Don Shula shows that the old boy's still got it, and that a mainstream comeback might be in the works. Strong yields could be helping that resurgence, but I'm almost certain the high's flexible nature is playing a part, too. Much more therapeutic and calming than a coach known to hold four workouts a day, Don Shula's high was light on the cloudiness and devoid of anxiety, boosting my focus while maintaining enough energy to tackle a to-do list without much distraction. That might not be gritty and intense, but it's definitely motivational and helpful with the x's and o's.

We've seen Don Shula at A Cut Above, Denver Dispensary, Diego Pellicer, Doctors Orders, EverBloom, the Farmers Market, Greenfields, LaConte's, the Lodge, Lova, Lucy Sky, Marquis Cannabis, Nature's Medicine, Oasis Cannabis Superstores, RiNo Supply Co., Rocky Mountain Cannabis, Silver Stem, Solace Meds and Twin Peaks, and the strain is probably available at even more stores in the Denver area. The strain also has a presence in southern Colorado, with several wholesale cultivators taking it on.

Looks: Lime-green with a lot of red-orange pistils and moderate trichome coverage, Don Shula carries the look of an older hybrid. The buds grow large and segmented but tend to be light and airy compared to other strains, so don't think you've hit the lottery when one gram looks like two.

Smell: The battle of Diesel and OG aromas can go either way, depending on the cut. I tend to notice more gassy, citrus notes up front, with a kick of pine and old rubber bands shuffling in at the end, but not strong enough to linger.

Flavor: True to its name, Don Shula is gruff and to the point, packing a true mix of gas and pine with a twist of lemon and a hint of skunky soil.

Effects: Don Shula is described by breeders as an all-day strain that leans on the relaxing side, and I agree, though that day would probably end in an early bedtime. Too much of the Shula makes moving from A to B harder, but the brain stays awake without paranoia. If you can handle or counter the eventual lack of physical motivation, the high is quite productive.

Commercial grower's take: "It jumps out to a good start in the grow, and the production is nice. Those Diesel genetics really come through, because most strains aren't ready to come down inside of eight weeks and still yield that much. I get more OG and lemon on the nose, though, and feel like the high makes me more tired than described. I think I'm in the minority on that one, though, because most people I know smoke this in the morning or daytime."

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.