Ask a Stoner: Can I Give CBD to My Hamster?

Ask a Stoner: Can I Give CBD to My Hamster?
Dear Stoner: Can I give CBD to my hamster? Little fucker needs to chill out.
Trey Balls

Dear Trey: You try living in a tiny cage or running around on a wheel all day with three to five times the heartbeat you currently have. Bet you’d want some weed to chill out, too.

CBD is often tested on rodents during scientific research, and it’s been shown to affect or benefit them somewhat like it does humans, dogs and other mammals, so hook your furry brother up. Just understand that hamsters weigh less than a third of a pound, so giving your hamster CBD oil is a lot different than having a human or even a small dog consume it. Not only do you need to worry about CBD dosage, but also impurities, as leftover toxins like pesticides, heavy metals and solvents from production could kill an animal so small. But since even cheap bottles of CBD oil cost more than a live hamster, isn’t a few extra bucks for the pure stuff worth it? Start with a small droplet daily by putting it on his food, and go from there.

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