Ask a Stoner: How Do I Plan a Sesh With Multiple Strains?EXPAND

Ask a Stoner: How Do I Plan a Sesh With Multiple Strains?

Dear Stoner: When planning multiple sessions of multiple strains with friends, is it best to start with the strongest and work your way down, or start with the weakest and increase as you go?

Dear Jacob: You don't start your dinner with dessert, do you? Apply that strategy to your sesh or your appetite will be ruined. Distraction and babbling will quickly take over, and the motivation to continue smoking will wane as couch lock sets in. Still, some people like to dive right in, and more power to them – but don't expect to hit more than two or three strains if you start with caviar buds or hash-infused joints.

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So many strains, so little brain cells.
So many strains, so little brain cells.
Scott Lentz

If you want to enjoy different tastes and effects from all of those strains, start small and, more important, slow. Joints, pipe hits and moderate bong tokes will do fine, and your group will be able to appreciate the complexities of each strain and its terpene profile. Start with classics, like Afghani or Durban Poison, move on to the sweet stuff, like Strawberry Cough or Banana Kush, then finish with some heavyweight Cookies strains, such as Key Lime Pie or Cookies and Cream. Your friends and their palates will thank you.

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