45 Second Reviews: Inhale Exhale, My Brightest Diamond, Katy Perry, Teddy Thompson

Inhale Exhale I Swear Tooth & Nail

02:00-02:45 of “It’s Myself vs. Being a Man”: Back in the early part of the century, there was an a cappella hardcore band called Jud Jud. They just went, “jud jud, jud jud, dun dun dun, jud jud.” I think they were more hardcore then these tweet-balls.

My Brightest Diamond A Thousand Shark’s Teeth Asthmatic Kitty Records

00:00-00:45 of “Inside a Boy”: I’m not going to pretend like I don’t listen to a lot of wussy music, I love Songs:Ohia, one of the not-toughest dudes out there. So rest assured, when I say this is cheesiest ball of petrified swoon out there – maybe you’ll get the picture.

Katy Perry One of the Boys Capitol Music

01:20-01:55 of “I Kissed a Girl”:Um, the lines “Hope my boyfriend don’t mind it/ it felt so wrong it felt so right/ I kissed a girl and I liked it,” should sum this up pretty well. Basically, combine all the worst Madonna songs with a PG-13 Peaches and you get Katy Perry.

Teddy Thompson A Piece of What You Need Verve Music

02:00-02:45 of “The Things I Do”: Have you ever looked at an album cover and thought to yourself, “if I ever see this guy in person, I’m gonna punch him?” Well, if Teddy Thompson and his Coldplay coppin’ style ain’t asking for a bruisin’, then it’s at least asking for a little KBCO mid-afternoon work friendly playing. Which is great, because heaven knows there isn’t enough of this crap out there yet.

--Thorin Klosowski


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