Lipgloss bids farewell to Chase Dobson and prepares to welcome new resident DJ

Speaking of club nights that take a lickin' and keep on tickin', evidently, The Solution isn't the only night that has proven resilient. Lipgloss, now approaching its tenth year, has endured the exit of two of its founders, Tim Cook and Tyler Jacobson, and has had several noteworthy residents such as Soup and Chase Dobson pass through its ranks. Say what? Did you just refer to Chase Dobson in the past tense?

Indeed we did, and if you're wondering why, it's because because good ole' c.db.sn is about to step down from his residency to focus on creating original music for Tympanik Audio (congrats on that, BTW). As Dobson makes his way out, a new resident will be joining Boyhollow behind the decks on Friday, February 25, option4 (Brennen Bryarly) -- who has guested at Lipgloss a number of times, and, as you might recall, recently remixed a tune by Jonathan & BPro.

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