Nathaniel Rateliff and John Prine released two singles on December 13.EXPAND
Nathaniel Rateliff and John Prine released two singles on December 13.
Rett Rogers

Nathaniel Rateliff and John Prine Drop Singles to Support Nonprofits

Nathaniel Rateliff and John Prine released The Marigold Singles: Nathaniel Rateliff With John Prine, a limited-edition seven-inch vinyl including new takes on two Prine classics: "Sam Stone" and "Summer's End."

The record is the first in a series of songs Rateliff is releasing through Stax Records with other artists; profits from these songs will go to support his Marigold Project, a foundation he set up to fund economic and social-justice organizations around the country.

The foundation has supported Denver-based nonprofits and national organizations working on harm reduction, veterans' issues, social justice, poverty and gun-safety laws.

The money from the Prine collaboration will go to fund two nonprofits: the Harm Reduction Coalition, a national group championing the health and rights of drug users, and the Sierra Club Foundation Military Outdoors Program, which works to ensure that veterans have access to the outdoors when they return home from service.

"Sam Stone," which Rateliff sings in a new recording with Prine, is a raw song about veterans and addiction. Prine's "Summer's End," which Rateliff sings with Courtney Marie Andrews, is an equally stirring plea to a person suffering from isolation to return home.

The singles dropped today, December 13, the same day Rateliff is slated to play the first of his annual holiday concerts at the Mission Ballroom with his band the Night Sweats and the legendary singer Mavis Staples.

Rateliff plans to release his upcoming solo record in early 2020 and has a long year of touring ahead, along with a handful of collaborations, including more Marigold Singles.

Purchase your own copy of the Rateliff-Prine collaboration here.

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Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats and opener Mavis Staples play the Mission Ballroom at 8 p.m. on December 13 and 14. For more information about these sold-out shows, go to the Mission Ballroom website.

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