Ten songs Rockies first baseman Todd Helton could use for his walk-on music this season

Pitchers and catchers reported this week. You know what that means, right? Yeah, probably nothing. We're not going to get our hopes up here. I mean, aside from our new skipper, Walt Weiss, a beloved former Rockies shortstop, there's really no reason to believe this season will be any less agonizing than last year. Who knows, though? Maybe Weiss and company will actually give us something to cheer for. We'll see. Time will tell.

In the meantime, let's occupy ourselves with more pressing matters, shall we, like, say, figuring out what the walk-on music for a certain recently-arrested first baseman should be this year. Given Todd Helton's noted proclivity for country music -- last season, his song was "Springsteen" by Eric Church, and the year before that, it was the now ironic "My Kinda Party" by Jason Aldean with the line, "Well if you wanna drink/Go on baby, just do your thing/But give up your keys" -- whatever tune he picks, you can bet it will have some twang. Keep reading for our suggestions.

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Dave Herrera
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