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The Killers at 1STBANK, the Wallflowers at the Ogden, Nas and NOFX at the Fillmore

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We're currently tracking the playlists from a number of different shows, including KTCL's Locals Only, the Mountain Homegrown Show on 99.5 the Mountain, The Colorado Sound*, an independently produced show that is broadcast all over Colorado, and The Colorado Wave, which is syndicated on a number of stations across the country. Here's what the area's local-centric specialty radio shows were spinning this week. *Playlist not available this week.


Vices I Admire - "Beautiful Fire" Skyfox - "Runaway" John Common - "Same Scar" Joshua Novak - "Heart Hits the Wall" Genetic Engines - "Alonerous" Vivid Fiction - "Relentless" Dimmer Switch - "New Beings With You" King Rat - "Arrested Peace" Carson Allen - "Believe" Popcult - "Life in the Wind" Gamits - "Molly" El Toro de la Muerte - "Records"


Leftover Salmon - "Sing Up To The Moon" Great American - Taxi "Blair Mountain" Sherri Jackson - "Simple Pleasures" Dave Sonner - "Artists Heart" Coles Whalen - "Beautiful Without Me" Black Postcards - "Light At the End" JD Feighner - "Feel The Way I Do" Air Dubai - "All Day" John-Alex Mason - "Gone So Long" In The Whale - "Shall Not Be Moved" Halden Wofford & the Hi Beams - "Highway 61 Revisited" Big Head Todd & The Monsters - "Sister Sweetly" Ben Haugland - "Point of No Return" Acoustic Junction - "Goodbye World" Reed Foehl - "Wolves" Charlotte Sass - "Not Alone" Mercury Project - "Fenced In" Katie Herzig - "Best Day of Your Life" Katie Glassman - "Snapshot" Grant Farm - "I Come From the Country" Sweet Water Well - "Zoeology" The Swayback - "Lost Lake Woods Club" Moetones - "Roadhouse" Ending People - "Beat of My Heart" Fierce Bad Rabbit - "Rich Man" Science Partner - "Child Stars" The Motet - "Nachez"


A Melodic Daydream - "Sorbet" - "Stand Alone" Curly 'No Shoes' Jr - "In Love With A Gypsy Woman" Katoorah Jayne - "Walkin" Chewy Marble - "My Monster" Blue Island Beer Club - "Til The Lions Come" Pairadeux - "Hit The Road Jack" The Swayback - "What A Pity" Cynova - "The Other Side" Perpetual Motion - "Monarch's Journey" Reed Foehl - "The Remedy" Little Hercules - "Cool Ride" Rob Drabkin- "She Comes and Goes"

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