Toto hopes to reschedule Denver date soon.
Toto hopes to reschedule Denver date soon.
Heather Porcaro

Toto Singer Joseph Williams Hospitalized in Denver, Cancels Show

Proggy pop-rockers Toto were forced to cancel their Denver show at the Paramount Theatre on Sunday night after singer Joseph Williams, son of Star Wars composer John Williams, was taken to a local hospital.

Said Williamson the official Toto Facebook page: “Last night in Denver I experienced my first real bout of altitude sickness, plus some dehydration that I wasn’t keeping track of. It concerned me enough to get checked out by a doctor at the local hospital. Paramedics on-site deemed it necessary for precaution, told me to drink more water, and sent me back on the tour bus. I am A-OK, and will see everyone at the next show in Salt Lake City.”

Refunds are available at the point of purchase and, while the band says that it hopes to reschedule the Denver date, there are no details on that yet.

“I am SO sorry for scaring folks and for the inevitable cancellation of our show in Denver,” Williams continued. “I promise at the earliest opportunity we will return to Colorado to make it up to all of you who came out to see us. Big thanks all of you and my brothers and sisters in Toto for the amazing show of support.”

Williams was the singer with Toto between 1986 and ’89, and has now been with the band for a second time since 2010. The band formed in 1977, but it was the Toto IV album, with the singles “Rosanna” and “Africa” in particular, that skyrocketed Toto up the charts and cemented their standing in popular culture, for better or worse.

For many, Toto is one of those bands synonymous with overblown commercial rock. To each his own, but we’re certainly glad that Williams is in good shape and ready to continue. For the sake of Denver’s Toto fans, we hope that show is rescheduled soon.

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