Colorado Rockies Memes for 2016: Reason for Hope or More Suckage?

At least we know the Colorado Rockies won't go winless this season.

In game one of the 2016 campaign last night, the Rocks ruined vaunted free-agent-pitcher signee Zack Greinke's debut for Arizona, clubbing the Diamondbacks 10-5.

Such play is capable of inspiring optimism in fans — or at least in those Rockies diehards who annually forget the squad's habit of performing well in April only to crater after that.

Most experts aren't expecting much from Colorado over the long haul. Among the more optimistic predictions we found is one from the Los Angeles Times, which sees the Rockies finishing fourth out of five teams in the National League West, ahead of the San Diego Padres.

Given how the team has finished over the past few years, "Not Last Place" would qualify as a positive. Still, posts on the Colorado Rockies Memes Facebook page shared over the past season or so offer an argument against even those modest expectations.

Check out a sampling of Rockies memes below — and pray that more like them don't pop up soon.

Continue to see more Colorado Rockies memes previewing the 2016 season.

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