Craigslist Seller Won't Trade $35 Hippie Van for Dope

People perusing Craiglist are typically looking for love or searching for bargains.

This ad one of our readers stumbled upon certainly appears to offer the latter. It features a 1979 Volkswagen Bus — the kind of vehicle that generations of free spirits have transformed into hippie vans — selling for the incredibly low price of $35.

Really. That's what it says. And even if you get bad vibes by the vehicle being located in Crook (it's a town in Logan County), perhaps the owner's flexibility will reassure you.

After all, he isn't insisting on cash: He's willing to trade.

But not for marijuana.

The text of the ad reads:

1979 VW Bay Window Bus — $35 (Crook)

Pretty clean, nearly rust free body, has an auto trans in the back with unknown condition, no motor.
Has a title. has some bondo but it has been on long enough that rust would have come through if
there was any. What you see is what you get.
Delivery available.
Make an offer or trade
no dope please

For this reason, you won't need to stop by a dispensary on your way to Crook. What a time saver!

Look below to see a dozen additional photos of the bus, which definitely qualifies as a fixer-upper — but what do you expect for $35? For more information, click here.

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