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Marijuana Concentrates Review: Live Resin at Denver Relief

Ever land a dream assignment and get so giddy that you want to bear-hug your boss?

For the sake of my front teeth, I was smart enough to hold back on the embrace when mine told me I could review concentrates — on the week of 4/20, no less.

Maybe she was just in the holiday spirit. Whatever the reason, after a hard day’s work of chilling at Civic Center Park and smoking joints with strangers on 4/20, I decided it was time to indulge in dabbing, a practice in which my feeble lungs rarely partake. According to a friend, the place to go was a familiar shop right down Broadway: Denver Relief.

Denver Relief’s co-owner, Kayvan Khalatbari, has his hands in a few different jars around town: Among other ventures, he founded Sexy Pizza and helped start local laughs troupe Sexpot Comedy. I reviewed his shop’s OG 18 flower last summer and gave it high marks. But I hadn't heard much about the concentrate selection until I got that recent recommendation. Because it was 4/20, all of the shatter and wax was discounted, but because it was 4/20, I wanted to take it a step further and went with live resin.

At $60 per gram, it wasn’t cheap — but this holiday only comes once a year.

Different from shatter, which has similar color and texture and is also run with butane, live resin is made by extracting cannabinoids from a cryogenically frozen, freshly harvested plant. The fresh plants are frozen to preserve oils that get lost in the curing process, making a more flavorful dab with more terpenes.

Denver Relief’s live resin was made from Dopium, a gassy-smelling hybrid of Chemdawg and Sour Diesel, so I expected a pungent sativa slap to the face while heating up a dab rig. A beautiful, tiny slab of hardened tree sap lay in front of me, and cracking off a dab was like chiseling an old Now and Later — and it looked just as delicious.

My first dab was the size of a BB-gun pellet and probably too overzealous. Nearly coughing up a lung distracted me from the tastes of rubber and pine, and I was way too high to try out another for at least a few hours — sixteen, to be exact, after falling asleep in front of the Netflix menu like a stoned newbie. A dab half the size of the first was much more tolerable the next day, and the jet-fuel and piney flavors came through even more. At 80 percent THC, the high this time was how it was supposed to be: extremely strong but still clean and focused.

After biting off more than I could chew on my first try, the clarity, flavor and potency of Denver Relief’s live resin proved a true triple threat that any terpene junkie would savor. Even with a $60 price tag, this amber beauty is worth a spot on the top shelf to impress friends.

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