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Marijuana Strain Review: Banana Kush at Northern Lights Cannabis Co.

Construction on the clusterfuck that is West Sixth Avenue kept me away from the west end of town longer than it should have. Say what you will about Edgewater and Lakewood, but both the food and the cannabis over there could be some of metro Denver’s better-kept secrets.

While stuffing myself like a Thanksgiving turkey for $8 at the Tamale Kitchen across the street from Sloan’s Lake, my eyes lit up when a guy with a MED badge walked in. He told me his dispensary was in the same strip, so after checking my wallet to make sure I had enough cash on me (ATM fees are for suckers), I moseyed over to Northern Lights Cannabis Co. at 2045 Sheridan Boulevard to see what I could pull.

Big surprise: Northern Lights’ flagship strain was...Northern Lights. And as much as I wanted to try its Aurora Borealis, I wasn’t ready for such a heavy indica. More in the mood for a hybrid, I asked the budtender to pick a few tasty contenders. The Banana Kush, which he said was great for an after-work sesh if I didn’t like a strong comedown, smelled like a box of banana Runts, and that was all I needed. I bought a half-eighth for $28 and change after tax, and promised to return for the house strain if my first purchase was up to snuff.

The Northern Lights cut of Banana Kush is a sixty-forty indica-dominant hybrid, grown to provide mellow effects from both of its parents — indica Ghost OG and sativa Skunk Haze. A few quick sniffs delivered the smooth, subtle fruitiness of ripe bananas and a spicy Haze after-scent, like a Belgian witbier. I didn’t notice anything skunky at first, but after leaving the jar open for a few hours, I got a hint of the complexity I was about to encounter. Smoking two bowls of nuclear-green buds brought a sugary flavor reminiscent of fruit gummies rounded out with a light cinnamon spiciness. I wanted to smoke another bowl just for the banana-bread flavor, but held back after recalling my recent experience overindulging on Alien Rock Candy.

Subtle flavors were mirrored with subtle effects — for a little while. After feeling a light sativa daze, my body quickly turned to mush as the indica took over. All of my energy left me, but on the bright side, I totally forgot how sore I was after my first leg day at the gym in three months, and I’ve never known of any massage or therapy that can achieve that. At almost $30 for 1.75 grams, Northern Lights Cannabis Co.’s Banana Kush wasn’t cheap, but it was delicious and powerful enough to ensure that I’ll return to try the pot shop’s namesake strain.

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