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Marijuana Strain Review: Dark Knight at Generation Health

With so many pot shops in Denver, I sometimes feel overwhelmed when trying to pick the next dispensary to visit. What part of town haven’t I been to lately? Have I already written about that shop? Is the menu filled with strains that I’ve already reviewed?

I know what you’re thinking: rough life. All whining aside, though, I really appreciate it when someone suggests a new shop for me to check out, so I was happy to take a co-worker’s advice to head to 4495 Washington Street for a taste of Generation Health’s genetics. She highly advised that I go with the shop’s wax and budder, and maybe I will next time — but this first stop was all about the flowers.

My beautiful, bubbly budtender, whom I could’ve married on the spot (what is it about energetic girls who love pot?), suggested two of her favorites. The tropical Amnesia Haze, which smelled like a mango smoothie, probably would’ve provided a great sativa uplift — if I’d wanted one. But evening was drawing near, and the trip on I-70 wasn’t getting shorter, so a strong indica sounded like the right choice.

After telling her I was looking for a knockout, my future wife quickly popped open a bottle of Dark Knight.
“That’ll do it,” she said with confidence. The $14 gram was an easy decision.

Information I’ve found online about Dark Knight says it’s a cross of Grandaddy Purp and Purple Kush, but my budtender said Generation Health’s cut was a mix of GDP and 303 Kush — an indica-dominant hybrid with Bubba Kush heritage. With such strong indica genetics lurking inside those dark, forest-green buds, I made sure to get my dinner cooked and the dishes done before even taking a whiff.

And I was glad I did:

The sweet, caramel scents and up-front earthiness were a stark, intoxicating indicator of the heavy high that awaited. The bud structure was a little loose for my liking, and the pistil coverage was way too heavy; I ripped dozens off with each pinch. But despite its probably having been harvested too early, the strain still had strong, milky trichome coverage. I was sure a bowl from the Volcano would take me on a quick trip to bed. And boy, was I right.

It was hard not to notice tastes of wet grass at the beginning of each puff, but a sweet mixture of grape and toffee flavors lingered on my tongue long after. Not that the taste mattered much: I was snoring like a union worker within fifteen minutes. My leftovers had the same heavy punch the next day, even after a long nap.

Although I’d never tell someone to try this for anything other than a sleep aid or couch lock, it’s definitely effective at that: Generation Health’s Dark Knight really turned out my lights.

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