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Marijuana Strain Review: Gogi OG Cookies at Headquarters in Boulder

I’ll try any type of beer, coffee or cannabis at least once, and this strategy has led me to some amazing finds. The only danger is that you might try something — in this case, a strain of pot — and fall in love with it, only to never see it again. Such was the case a few years ago when my black-market weed dealer threw a bag of Gogi OG in front of me. The sweet, piney flavors and burly buds put me on a two-week high that I’ll never forget...or fully remember. I tried versions of it once recreational sales went legal here, but none were able to re-create the stoney-baloney euphoria from the past. I was beginning to think that it was another falsely identified strain...and then I stopped at Headquarters in Boulder.

The prices at Headquarters, a self-proclaimed “boutique dispensary,” weren’t cheap (most grams were $16 to $20), but the budtender didn’t apologize, instead saying that he smokes every strain and feels comfortable asking for a little more based on their quality. Sold by his confidence, I told him to give me his best, and wouldn’t you know, out came a jar of Gogi OG Cookies. Vibrant, green buds? Check. Smell like Pine-Sol? Check. My $20 was in his hand before I could string together the words “One gram, please.” I then started calling everyone I know in Boulder, looking for a place to light up. No one answered, so, disappointed in both the public-consumption laws and my friends’ commitment to their jobs, I drove home like someone was chasing me.

According to the Headquarters budtender, Gogi OG Cookies is a mix of Nepali OG and Snow Lotus (parents of the original OG Gogi) and Girl Scout Cookies. Not one to be turned off by Cookie genetics, I was impressed by how much more pungent the earthy and sweet scents were compared to those of the original Gogi — almost as if a tennis ball had been dunked in powdered sugar. Heavy Pine-Sol smells instantly brought flashbacks. I broke up the chunky, sticky nugs with the passion and touch of a prisoner during a conjugal visit and couldn’t spark my bowl fast enough. The trichomes, oozing with THC, melted before my eyes like some finger hash that just happened to taste like tart, rubbery oranges. I tried to chill and read the newspaper but couldn’t sit still. My stomach was bellowing for food, so I threw some butter on two waffles, slathered peanut butter and jelly in the middle and pan-fried it like a grilled cheese sandwich. The result: a glorious, cholesterol-laden mess.

All pot gives me the munchies, but rarely do I get a sense of food creativity, too; that was a real bonus. Paying $20 for a gram feels a little too 2005 to me, but Gogi OG Cookies provided an energizing escape from the real world. And my fingers still smell like Pine-Sol.

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