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Marijuana Strain Review: Sweet Sweet at Doctor's Orders

Man, have things changed over the past two years. In the summer of 2014, I made my first visit to a recreational dispensary, where the budtender told me that a mid-shelf eighth would be $72 after tax, and a top-shelf one was priced at $83. I almost shit my breeches while laughing my ass off on the way out the door. A recent Tuesday trip to Doctor’s Orders, at 1406 West 38th Avenue, had me laughing in similar fashion, but for much different reasons.

The line inside was surprisingly long, considering that it was barely past 3 p.m. and this north Denver neighborhood was still pretty quiet. But I understood why once I got to the reception window: It was buy-one-get-one-gram day. With a line of customers resembling what you’d see outside of Denny’s during a free Grand Slam breakfast giveaway (or a post office any day of the week), I became nervous about how much quality might be forsaken for quantity. “You mean we get two grams for the price of one, and we get to choose?,” asked an overexcited customer. His childish wonderment over a free gram of weed was funny at first, but two years ago, he could’ve been deciding between buying nugs or eating noodles. Gotta love market shifts!

There wasn’t a single jar on the shelf that wasn’t full of half-naked, stemmy buds that looked like they were cut at the legs, but the smell test was a completely different matter. Gorilla Glue #5 and Strawberry OG both jumped out as possible palate-wreckers, but then the shop’s Sweet Sweet grabbed me by the nose and never let go. I purchased a gram of the Sweet Sweet and got a free gram of Blue Dream for $15 — tax included.

Although the shop calls its cut Sweet Sweet, the strain’s genetics of OG Kush and Sweet Tooth usually go by the name Sweet Kush. I could not have cared less what it was called, though, once I inhaled the pine-covered scents of Lemonheads and dewdrops. The fresh, slightly sugary aromas jumping off my nugs matched up well with their bright green color and heavy flock of trichomes. While it all looked beautiful, a microscope showed the resin glands to be clear as glass and way too young— not a big concern, but still worth noting.

An evening joint tasted like a sweeter, more piney version of Girl Scout Cookies and provided a near-perfect level of relaxation without planting me to a couch. My concentration remained strong until about two hours later, but even then the trek upstairs to bed didn’t seem as daunting as it normally does after an indica. The Sweet Sweet is great for winding down; I’m going to save the rest for a post-workout or -hike sesh when I still have hopes of going out at night. It’ll be just what the Doctor Ordered.

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