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Marijuana Strain Review: Tangerine Haze at Herban Medicinals

I was recovering from a long weekend of pot and football when my friend passed me a one-hitter that tasted like orange soda. I immediately demanded to know what it was and where he’d bought it, and all his stoned mouth could mutter was “Urban Medicinals.” I looked that up online, found nothing under the name and assumed he’d made it up.

Turns out I have the hearing of an eighty-year-old. Later, walking down Broadway after grabbing a cone at Sweet Action Ice Cream, I happened upon Herban Medicinals (70 Broadway) and realized that this basement pot shop might be home to another marijuana Mewtwo.

My eyes lit up the second I saw Tangerine Haze on the shelf. All it took was a sniff to confirm that she was the one, though in any other circumstance, the Double Durban and Golden Goat would’ve made my purchase a tough decision. I bought a gram of the Tangerine for $15 and some change, then hurried home before I covered my shirt with drool.

A child of G-13 Haze and New York Diesel, this sativa-dominant hybrid is sought out for its intense citrus smell and saliva-inducing flavor. And Herban Medicinals raised this baby right, as each sniff from my one-gram bud was full of tangerine acidity — like a bottle of citrus cleaner. The plump, lone nug was bright green and covered in resin glands, leaving my fingers shining with oils glistening in the sunlight.

A couple of Volcano bags at 320 degrees tasted like halftime at a youth soccer game. Tart, tangy sensations jumped around the sides of my tongue like little Clementines bouncing off my taste buds as I took rip after rip. Afterward, I couldn’t sit still, wandering around my house like a bored dog looking for mischief. Biking to a nearby coffee shop and washing my car did nothing to kill the clean, uplifting high of Tangerine Haze, so I surprised my roommate with some meatball subs. Productive, energetic and not myself, I thoroughly enjoyed the 5 Hour Energy-like high from this sativa citrus bomb.

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