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Marijuana Strain Review: XJ-13 at Live Green

It’s nearly impossible to avoid Denver dispensary promotions and industry tools if you enjoy hip-hop. Whether you’re at a sold-out show with national headliners at Red Rocks or a small gig at the Larimer Lounge, there’s bound to be at least one major sponsor in the business of getting you high.

I’ve encountered the same sticker-toting promoter for Live Green dispensaries at a few shows over the winter, and the guy’s obnoxious tenacity finally worked: As I was leaving Joyride Brewing Company in Edgewater recently, I noticed that there was a Live Green shop down the street, at 2517 Sheridan Boulevard. I decided to stop in to see if the hip-hop hype had any validity.

Two annoying aspects of Live Green: First, it requires an exit bag, and the bags you can buy there aren’t just childproof — they’re also Herbert-proof (and roommate-proof; we had to use a knife to open mine).

And second, because of the pre-packaged bags that the strains come in, the shop has no jars to sniff before you make a choice. My budtender had to rip open a few bags just so I could smell the flower, and she wasn’t happy about it.

Luckily, the second bag she opened, XJ-13, smelled like a spicy cut of Jack Herer, so I bought a half-eighth for $26.30, including the exit bag.

Despite sounding like a government strain that can only be handled by “top men,” XJ-13 is known as an easy-riding sativa and a good strain for beginners. Its Jack Herer and G13 genetics can provide a welcoming smell of lime and wet soil; Live Green’s specimen passed the smell test with checks across the board and a balancing, peppery spice on the back end.

The buds also had that trademark Jack glow. Lime-green calyxes were made even brighter by a heavy coat of clear trichomes, meaning they were probably picked immaturely — but they looked cool all the same.

Scents of citrus and pine cleaners became stronger as I broke up a few sticky nugs for an evening sesh. I was a little worried that the heady sativa would keep me awake longer than usual, but the earthy, tart aromas had my mouth watering for a joint and a Tom Collins, so that’s exactly what I whipped up. Half a joint of the XJ paired magically with the gin cocktail, giving me a quick flavor burst of lemon-lime and juniper berries before bed. My worries of being kept up late were valid, however, because I laid on my back overthinking my awkward high-school years until at least 1:30 in the morning.

With its citrus overtones and sativa buzz, Live Green’s XJ-13 is a great strain for those who find OGs too earthy and tiring. Just make sure you find something to keep you occupied, or you’ll be a lost puppy.

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