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Photos: Ten "Haunted" Properties for Sale -- Including One in Colorado

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A popular trope in horror movies involves a family that finds out a just-purchased house is haunted -- and then can't get anyone to buy it. In the real world, such properties wind up on the market, too...hopefully with less dreadful consequences for purchasers than those in, say, The Conjuring. TopTenRealEstateDeals.com's list of ten haunted homes you can buy even includes a property in Colorado. Check out the complete roster below, featuring site photos and text samples; to see the original post, with additional pics and lots more, click here.

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Dracula's Transylvania Castle

Bran Castle. It isn't a high-end European retreat where health seekers can go to get a dose of vitamins and fiber in their diet. No, the legend of this nightmare palace is much more sinister in fiction and in reality. Bran Castle was home to one of the most notorious monsters in literary history - Count Dracula. No other name elicits more fear and respect in the world of horror than Dracula. His dark powers and blood lust are legendary. On par with the count himself is the castle Bram Stoker reportedly based the Lord of the Night's home after. Bran Castle is nestled in the heart of the mountains in Romania -- formerly Transylvania. Carved from the rock of the mountains, Bran raises like a dark monolith above the sweeping verdant valleys below. Home to queens, kings and knights, the castle's history is rich and storied. The most infamous character, and what draws over half a million visitors a year to see this horror home, is Vlad Tepes or "Vlad the Impaler" as he is more commonly known....

Victorian Killing Estate

Kill Road. Never was there a more appropriate road for a home to be nestled on than this one. The history surrounding the Victorian estate is a dark and haunted one. Tales of mysterious fires, multiple suicides, wandering spectral couples and crying ghost children wreathe the Staten Island manse. Oh yeah, there was also a grisly mob hit in the home. There is that too. Originally constructed in the mid-1880s by wealthy brick magnate Balthasar Kreischer as one of a pair of mansions for his family, the fourteen room home (which is oddly lacking in brickwork for the home of a German brick millionaire) is all that's left of the Kreischer legacy. The second home mysteriously burned down during the Great Depression. The brick factory, which the sons inherited after their father passed away just one year following the construction of the homes, burned down as well. The sons rebuilt but the factory never regained its original glory and the family fortune dwindled. Balthasar's son, Edward, distraught with the losses, killed himself, and his wife allegedly did the same. Their spirits are said to be the ghostly couple that reportedly wanders the grounds to this very day....

Continue to see more "haunted" properties for sale, including one in Colorado. Ozzie Nelson: The Friendly Ghost

One of Hollywood's long-running rumors is that the Los Angeles home where the Ozzie and Harriet Nelson family lived and was the actual home used for the "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet" exterior scenes in the 1952 to 1966 television show is haunted. It is probably just a Hollywood legend but the story has been circulating for years that the home where Ozzie and Harriet Nelson, and their sons, Ricky (was a major 1950's rock star) and David lived for 25 years, is haunted. Ozzie was the friendly, easy going and popular dad who didn't seem to have a job but lived in a fancy house, drove a nice car and played a lot of golf. Their Hollywood Hills home is the perfect All-American home with a nice lawn, tall leafy trees, white wood siding and a lovely pool....

World's Most Haunted Island

Poveglia. To anyone in the paranormal community, the name elicits chills up the spine and frightful images of hell on earth. To those who don't know, Poveglia might sound like a tasty side dish at Olive Garden. But it's a dish you don't want to order unless you want to be served a large helping of terror. Poveglia (which roughly translated into English means "They did WHAT here? Are you *&^%$#@ kidding me?!") is a seventeen-acre island off the southern 'coast' of Venice that holds a history straight out of the mind of Stephen King. The island, recently purchased by Italian businessman Luigi Brugnaro (who is rumored to want to turn it into a tourist attraction), has been labeled by locals and paranormal experts alike as the "most haunted place on earth"....

Continue to see more "haunted" properties for sale, including one in Colorado. World's Biggest Ghost House

You stand on the other side of the wrought-iron fence, your hands white-knuckling the bars as the fear in your veins forces your grip tighter. You stare past the dead, twisted trees that look like dark arthritic claws reaching out of the ground to grab you and drag you back down with them to Hell. Is that a ghostly apparition staring back at you from the upper floor or just an old tattered curtain blowing in the wind, a trick of your mind sending shards of panic into your soul? Could it be the ghosts and goblins that some people say "haunt" the 70,000-square-foot Lynnewood Hall, now back on the market for $20 million? Lynnewood Hall is a Philadelphia landmark built in 1900 with 110 rooms on 33 acres for wealthy businessman Peter Arrell Brown Widener, a foreboding monster that has captured the attention of buyers, creditors, paranormal enthusiasts, churches and historical preservationists for years....

Chicago's Schweppe Mansion

A few miles north of Chicago, where Dr Henry Howard Holmes tortured and killed as many as 200 people during the 1893 World's Fair, a clumsy cow burnt down most of the city in 1871, and the Chicago Cubs have been under a demonic goat curse since 1945, is one of the most beautiful estates in the United States. It has everything a buyer could ever want including detailed old world architecture and spectacular Lake Michigan views. The only bad thing is that some people say it is haunted. In 1917, as war raged in Europe, Chicago's wealthy elite were still enjoying the bounty of the Golden Age. These families produced landmark American companies and many of the goods that we still buy today. They also built fabulous mansions with a level of craftsmanship that is almost impossible to duplicate today....

Continue to see more "haunted" properties for sale, including one in Colorado. Addam's Family Mansion

They're creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky, they're all together ooky, the Addams Family. The Verulam estate in Australia, which just sold at auction for a bit over $3 million, has frequently been mistaken for the famous facade of the Addam's Family Mansion that 50 years ago premiered on ABC-TV with John Astin and Carol Jones as the loveable, but slightly off kilter, Gomez and Morticia Addams. The home, with its Federation Queen Anne style design, so closely resembles the famous home of the TV family that one can easily imagine Lurch (Ted Cassidy) opening up the front door and saying a grim, "Helllooooooooooo" or Uncle Fester (Jackie Coogan) taking your coat with a lit light bulb in his mouth. Once inside, instead of finding the macabre family, the visitors would see a beautiful old home just waiting to be remodeled and brought back to its original glory. With leaded windows, verandah columns and marble fireplaces, there's a wealth of potential in the home....

Sleepy Hollow Mansion

Elm Street, Murderer's Row, Sleepy Hollow Road, Wall Street...all roads that pave the way to spine-tingling terror! Sleepy Hollow Road, the mythical byway that inspired the legend of the headless horseman, a nightmare dreamed up by author Washington Irving in the form of a decapitated Hessian artilleryman that rises nightly from his grave riding up and down the road searching for his lost head, is the backdrop for this gory tale. Ichabod Crane lost his life to the horseman when he was struck down by the ghost rider's flying pumpkin...it doesn't sound that scary when spelled out like that. The Georgian manor, built in 1929 by architect to the wealthy, Mott Schmidt, for banker William S. Lambie is nestled on a secluded 16-acre parcel of land not far from the famed Hudson River. The house, whose style could be best described as "muted opulence," has no real tales of haunting within its walls. So any potential buyer can feel sure that in any of the eight bedrooms or ten bathrooms inside the 13,242-square-foot mansion, they'll be living a ghost-free lifestyle....

Continue to see more "haunted" properties for sale, including one in Colorado. Black Dahlia Murder House

Tales of terror and tragedy rarely last as long as one of the most notorious Hollywood mysteries of the last century: The Black Dahlia Murders. Rumors still abound about the home's previous owner, LA Doctor George Hodel, and his involvement in the brutal killing, mutilation and dismemberment of Elizabeth Short. Elizabeth was sliced in half at her waist and all the blood drained from her body. It looked like the work of a skilled surgeon. Even with its dark history this home, which is now back on the market for the asking price of $4.875 million, has been the back drop for multiple Hollywood movies, TV shows such as "Ghost Hunters" and "Paranormal America" and even an American Express commercial (don't leave the Sowden House without it.) The home, an iconic piece of architecture crafted by Lloyd Wright (son of Frank Lloyd Wright), looks like it is cut straight out of an Indiana Jones movie. Now while the $2 million renovation (which we call Balbes in Lloyd Land) has brought the house current and back to its original splendor one can still feel, given the home's particular style, that they should be running for their life through the house being chased by a giant boulder....

Colorado Ghost Town

There's a chill in the air and a full moon over Boot Hill. A pack of wild hounds howl in the distance as the mountain winds whistle through the empty streets. A piano plays something familiar from the old saloon, but the place is empty. Where did the people go? Are you afraid? Would you buy a Colorado ghost town?

There was nothing supernatural about the town called Uptop, but the place was an actual ghost town when two sisters from Boston bought the empty hamlet in 2000. After the sisters spent lots of time and money restoring the town to its former glory, the ghosts have left and the sisters are selling....

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