Top 20 Tweets From Whiny Raiders Fans After Broncos Win

Raiders quarterback Derek Carr was injured after being sacked by Broncos defensive lineman Adam Gotsis.
Raiders quarterback Derek Carr was injured after being sacked by Broncos defensive lineman Adam Gotsis. NFL via Twitter
The concerns of Denver Broncos fans about quarterback Trevor Siemian and kicker Brandon McManus, among others, weren't exactly put to rest by the squad's 16-10 victory over the Oakland Raiders yesterday, October 1. But the whining done by Raiders Nation on Twitter during and after the contest, as seen in the twenty memorable tweets on view below, made the victory taste plenty sweet anyhow.

Once again, the Broncos' defense was all-world, with the only significant demerits being the gaffes that led to a 64-yard first-half touchdown from Oakland QB Derek Carr to Johnny Holton. But while Siemian got off to a hot start, helped immeasurably by a ridiculous TD grab by tight end A.J. Derby to begin the scoring, he once again showed that he's better at getting the squad into field-goal range than hitting receivers in the end zone.

And that's no guarantee of points right now thanks to the performance of McManus, who's been mondo-erratic since signing a hefty new contract. After going awry on a virtual gimme yesterday, he's now missed three kicks in four games — and his bad boot gave the Raiders new life, just as a similar mistake did in week one against the Los Angeles Chargers. If he hadn't prevented Oakland kick returner Cordarrelle Patterson from taking it to the house in the first quarter, he'd be even higher on the shit list.

Raiders loyalists, meanwhile, focused much of their ire on defensive lineman Adam Gotsis's sack of Carr, who left the game afterward with a back injury. The refs didn't throw a flag on the play, which incensed the Oakland faithful, as you'll see.

Continue to read the tweets that made us see orange and blue, capped by one of the more ridiculous claims ever — one related to an Alex Jones/Infowars-promoted conspiracy theory that Carr's offensive line isn't blocking for him because he stood for the National Anthem during the previous week's game rather than taking a knee.

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