Ace adds daily specials, continues its special Tuesday luncheons with Osage Cafe

Ace is introducing an updated menu today, with a new section of daily specials that highlight particular crowd-pleasers. "We really wanted to create that list of regular daily specials, so our guests would know what days to come in for their favorites," says chef Brandon Biederman. See also: Best New Bar 2013 -- Ace

The specials range from Ace's 3-course Meatless Mondays (a full dinner for $25) to Dan Dan Noodles on Wednesday ($12) to Chili Shrimp on Thursday ($16) to Whole Fish on Friday (serves two, market price) to Vietnamese beef noodle soup on Saturday ($12) ti Korean Fried Chicken every Sunday ($16).

Biederman's personal favorite? Wings & Whiskey on Tuesdays, featuring $1 weekly special wings and $5 whiskeys.

And for something extra special, don't forget that the chefs of Ace and Steuben's will be serving from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. today at the Osage Cafe, with all proceeds going to the Youth Culinary Academy.

Find more information at www.acedenver.com

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