Celebrate the end of boat season with a boat drink

You hear that sound? It's the sound of summer whistling its way out the door. Labor Day Weekend is upon us, and that means that even if we're still able to sit on patios next week, the moment when we're going to have to bundle up and brace for winter will be here any day.

Don't let it go out with a whimper. Celebrate the end of boat season -- and, um, the fact that you have an extra day for hangover management -- with one of these fine libations.

Punch, Colt & Gray and Linger This pair of Lower Highland restaurants has batched up alcoholic punch in servings large enough to get a party pretty tipsy. Start at one and move to the other. Bonus: Linger's new rooftop features a bunch of drinks in pitchers, should you tire of the punch.

Piña Colada, Steuben's We're not expecting the Tiki trend to go anywhere even after summer ends, but no time like the present to embrace this classic -- and classy -- version of a drink that's been adulterated at all-inclusive resorts the world over.

Mai Issa, Osteria Marco This blend of rum, almond and lime basically puts us right on the beach, toes buried in the fine white sand, without a care in the world. Which makes it ideal sipping for the summer patio you'll no doubt be planted on, trying to catch the last rays of the season. And, hey! The drink can also be batched into a pitcher for, um, sharing with a group of your commiserating friends.

Caipirinha, Cafe Brazil Life's a beach at Cafe Brazil even in the dead of winter, but the rum-focused cocktail list at this joint is especially apropos in the warm weather. Sadly, the restaurant doesn't have a patio, but you can drink your muddled limes and cachaça in a breezy room under heady Caribbean beats.

Kaydee's Rum Punch, Crash 45 Yes, another rum punch. We can't get enough! Because nothing says boat drink like a blend of fruit juice and sugar-cane alcohol! And this one -- with its tropical mix of pineapple, cherry and orange juices -- is best consumed on this Globeville bar's eclectic back patio.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.