The four Denver restaurants with the hottest clientele over the 4th

In the Best of Denver 2011, we named Common Grounds the Best Coffeehouse for Finding a Date, thanks to the constant crowd of young professionals who mingle there over cappuccinos. And because we're big proponents of ditching online dating and blind set-ups every now and then in favor of meeting people the old-fashioned way -- that is to say, face-to-face -- every Friday, we've been bringing you a Denver spot that we think is particularly conducive to finding available members of the dating pool.

But instead of sending you out to flirt at just one spot this Friday, we're marking the long July 4th weekend by celebrating the four Denver restaurants with the hottest clientele:

4. TAG Most of the restaurants in Larimer Square pull in plenty of of attractive men and women for dinner on weekends, but perhaps because of the swanky vibe, TAG seems to have the hottest patrons of all. Those diners run the gamut in age, too, which means there's eye candy here for everyone.

3. Sushi Den Women in slinky dresses and stilettos and their male counterparts head to South Pearl and tables at Sushi Den, where they feast on raw fish. The Sushi Den's sibling restaurant, Izakaya Den, also features a handsome crowd -- as well as a bar that's more conducive to actually meeting someone, instead of just ogling the diner at the next table.

2. El Camino Nights in the Highland bring a good-looking set of single twenty and thirty-somethings to El Camino, the breezy taco and tequila joint on West 32nd Avenue. The lighting is right, the service is quick, and the high tables make it easy for standers and sitters to strike up conversations with each other as the night progresses.

1. Linger Justin Cucci's new spot is sexy, if a little morbid: The old Olinger mortuary space has a subtle Harold and Maude theme, plush booths, sweeping views of Denver and plenty of space for hot patrons, who pack the place for cocktails and small plates. This is the place to see and be seen right now, and you're treated to a visual feast no matter what night you set foot inside. The best bet for interaction with Denver's beautiful people is upstairs in the bar, where attractive members of both sexes pour in until the spot is standing room only.

What other restaurants have hot customers? Tell us about them below.

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