Top ten places to play like a pirate in Denver

Top ten places to play like a pirate in Denver

Real Pirates: The Untold Story of the Whydah is now open at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, and if you are like us, it has awakened a deep desire to live our lives as pirates, right here in Denver. This can be a challenge, given that we are law-abiding citizens in a landlocked state, but that doesn't mean we can't pretend. Our top ten places in Denver to play like a pirate:

10. Pirate: Contemporary Art They're not exactly going for the literal interpretation, but you can still scowl and gesticulate wildly to express your feelings on current exhibitions of contemporary artists. More information here.

9. Downtown Aquarium Get a taste for the watery mysteries of the ocean frontier at the aquarium, where you can imagine you're doing battle with a squid or holding a mermaid for ransom. More information here.

8. The U.S. Mint Just take a look at all that booty! On the other hand, we're 100% confident that it would take more than an eye patch and some moxy to plunder the treasures of the U.S. Mint. Still, you are more than welcome to go and watch all those coins glimmer. More information here.

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7. A Denver Pirates Game The Colorado Football Conference has been around for over twenty years. The Denver Pirates may have never won a title, but true pirates don't ride bandwagons. And if you really think you could do better, go ahead and join the team. More information here.

6. Water World It is a crucial pirate skill to know the safest way to descend a water slide. After all, you can't be diving into a treasure cove head first. That's just asking for coral to the noggin', and how are you supposed to fend off the coast guard with a concussion? More information here.

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