Ten of Colorado's Best Latin Music Acts

Ten of Colorado's Best Latin Music ActsEXPAND
Courtesy of Chuey Fu's

Colorado's Latino musicians have been blending genres, breaking down musical barriers and defining much of Denver's culture, often in the shadows. Latin music spans genres, from punk to hip-hop and, of course, traditional roots music, tejano, salsa and beyond. Here are ten of our favorite Latin bands, ordered alphabetically.

Chicano Heat
Chicano Heat
Courtesy of band

10. Chicano Heat
Names like Little Joe y la Familia, Jay Pedez, Latin Breed and La Differencia are synonymous with classic Latin music, and all are performed faithfully by local band Chicano Heat. The group has been together since 2011 and has performed all over Colorado and Wyoming, opening for the likes of Al Hurricane and Gonzalo. The Heat aims to keep tradition alive, and it's succeeding.

Debajo del Agua
Debajo del Agua
Courtesy of band

9. Debajo del Agua
This Denver outfit, which delivers hip-hop with a live band, is wild. Debajo de Agua's members originate from Chile, Peru, El Salvador, Mexico and the States, and the rhymes are a blend of English, Spanish and Portuguese. So, yeah, you have to be trilingual to understand absolutely everything, but that’s not necessarily the point. The depth of feeling and the political analysis that the band manages to convey is magnificent, and wonderfully unusual.

El Cacho has a devoted following on FacebookEXPAND
El Cacho has a devoted following on Facebook
Photo by Paisa Movement

8. El Cacho
Producing Spanish-language Mexican rap right here in Denver, El Cacho is a solo artist, but he chooses his collaborators carefully, because the harmonies within the rhymes are delicate and perfect. His chill vocals and propensity to throw in occasional English slights like “backstabbing motherfucker” in the middle of a sentence entirely in Spanish adds to the undeniably dark vibe, as do samples of gunshots.

Latin ThunderEXPAND
Latin Thunder
Courtesy of band

7. Latin Thunder
The veteran musicians in the Pueblo-based nine-piece Latin Thunder all know that to create great Latin music, you have to feel it. They also know that performing traditional music doesn’t mean that you have to be stuffy. Quite the opposite: The passion has to ooze from every pore, and with these musicians, it does.

Los Traviesos
Los Traviesos
Courtesy of band

6. Los Traviesos
Mexican conjunto tejano music was actually born in south Texas, and Los Traviesos are one of the finest purveyors. Formed in 1999 in Fort Collins, the sibling trio of Tony Campos (guitar), James Campos (drums, percussion) and Mike Campos (keys, accordion) work perfectly with singer Sonja Mata to create and re-create gorgeous traditional tunes.

Read on for more of Colorado's best Latin musicians.

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