The ten best stoner metal bands

The ten best stoner metal bands

No other musical genre (aside from reggae) has a stronger connection to the cannabis lifestyle than heavy metal, hence the term 'stoner metal.' But of course, this term describes a subgenre that can encompass different types of metal music and mean different things to different folks; whether you're into that slow burning, hazy sound or a faster heavier more intense variety, there are as many ' stoner' metal bands as there are strains of marijuana. The following artists are best heard in a more mellow state of mind; but be warned, while some of these bands might look stoned in appearance, they all possess similar sound waves and patterns that heavy are enough to shatter your glass bong. So burn a bowl of your best stash, and turn your speakers up loud for the following. Here's our list of the Top 10 Stoner Metal Bands.


This disturbing doom metal group formed in the Chicago area around a decade ago, and is known for a dark, hateful, harsh mix of misery and clouds of pot smoke, presented in a zoned out instrumental fashion with no vocals. This is an ambient and experimental version of metal that many stoners find appealing. The songs are insanely long, and sometimes cloudy and repetitive but head jerking in a way that wakes your mind up like a Sativa but lulls your body into a violent numbness like an Indica. Stoners love the band's sick and twisted sense of humor, with albums such as

The Great Barrier Reefer

(2005), and

Hippie Killer

(2007), which featured the fan favorite, 'Reefer Southerland.' Also in 2007, the band released


,which packs the punch of doom metal but moves more towards an ambient direction. The actual presentation, that came with the CD included a tiny 'users' kit, with fake spoon lighter and rubber band.


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Imagine a band that would be the musical equivalent of overdosing on potent pot edibles. This is Weedeater, formed in the mid '90s, in North Carloina, and now referred to as one of stoner metal's loudest, and most intense bands, both live and on record. The heavy guitar tones that echo the thunderous bass and smashing drums all roll up tightly to form a sludgy Southern Rock tinged doom metal that is thick with walls of sound and layered with fuzzy riffs. Weedeater features vocalist and bassist Dave 'Dixie' Collins formerly of Bongzilla. (See below).

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