The Top 10 Jersey Shore Parodies

Jersey Shore is over. The fact that a 10-episode reality TV show needs no introduction and that its conclusion is an event is shocking. Whether the show was so successful because it was Freud's wet dream or because we secretly love stereotypes or because of some unrepeatable Gladwellian cultural cocktail doesn't much matter - it's a fixture, for at least the next... week.

The Top 10 Jersey Shore Parodies

In the post reunion show letdown, we turned to the same place we always turn for comfort in these matters: The internet. Specifically Google video search. The results, of course, were varied, but we waded through the crap so you don't have to. Because if there's one thing we hope to accomplish with a 10 video Jersey Shore related list, it's preventing people from wasting time...

10. Alyssa Milano gets Snooki'd

Getting indignant about Jersey Shore is arguing with a toddler, and in the end that's exactly what's happening here. It eeks past Craig Ferguson's Nick Lachey/Mila Kunis/Thomas Lennon assisted spoof for the final spot because of the faces Milano makes starting at about the 30 second mark.

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9. Random girl on Youtube gets traumatized

Sammi Sweetheart is secretly the funniest character on the show because she is so fantastically, cartoonishly manipulative. Her confessionals should have always ended with a post-production evil laugh. Some girl in some living room nails Sammi's Oscar moment. This is the first of several clips on this list that don't bother trying to make the show less ridiculous because you can't. It's docked points because it's shot on a handicam in someone's living room.

8. Conan gets a nickname

Not exactly a parody video, this one features The Situation and Snooki in their appearance on Conan's late Tonight Show (get it?). The joke here is in the online name generator. Worth your time for Andy Richter's randomly generated handle alone.

7. Bobby Bottleservice auditions

Nick Kroll trots out his hilarious Ed Hardy Boyz character, which is basically a Jersey Shore parody even though it came first, for a crippled-syntax clip where he auditions for Season 2. He's going to buy his grandma a gold jetski with the winnings. No, there are no winnings. Or Season 2 (we hope).

6. Weekend Update with Snooki

It drags in parts (what do you expect from SNL), but Bobby Moynihan hits it so perfectly a couple times that it's worth sticking it out. The poof-touch freakout in man-voice is pretty choice, as is the fake laugh.

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