Axis Pilates Plans to Shake Up the Pilates Community

Axis Pilates
Axis Pilates Alexandra Chiafery
There’s a lot of potential inside 2,000 square feet of gym space. So much potential that well-known fitness and Pilates guru Heather Willer plans to offer more than 35 classes a week in the newly renovated Axis Pilates, beginning Saturday, September 16.

The building, located at 1138 East Sixth Avenue, was formerly the Corner Studio. Willer previously rented space from the owners before making plans to take over ownership back in May. With a background in setting up Pilates franchises for Club Pilates Colorado as the Colorado director, Willer had an immediate vision for what she wanted to see in her new club without ever closing its doors. Over the course of two months, Willer quietly and quickly transitioned the Corner Studio into Axis Pilates.

“The old owners created a really sturdy group within the Pilates community, and I haven’t lost any clients since taking over,” Willer says. “I immediately brought on more staff and added three times as many classes, and we’re still looking to enhance and expand."

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A Pilates community.
Alexandra Chiafery
As part of the renovation project, Willer increased her staff to six full-time instructors certified in a combination of Pilates, Pilates/cycling/TRX and cycling/TRX. Although Willer says she always loved the space — particularly the natural lighting — the previous studio wasn’t accommodating for numerous classes at one time. “We now have a Pilates studio upstairs with six reformers, a cycling studio downstairs and a private room to do one-on-one Pilates instruction,” she says, adding that Axis Pilates will also sublease to a salon that offers spray tans for clients.

Because of the expansion of space, Willer and her team are able to offer classes as early as 6 a.m. and as late as 7 p.m. Monday through Friday. “On our schedule right now, we have a combination of classes, including cardio Pilates, regular Pilates and fusion classes,” Willer explains. In the fusion classes, people can choose from Pilates and TRX, TRX and cycling, or Pilates and cycling.

Willer takes pride in Axis Pilates's overall client convenience, with easy accessibility to Capitol Hill, Baker, Congress Park and the Cherry Creek neighborhoods. Most of her clients are able to bike or even walk to the studio; once there, they’re met with a fully renovated lobby, state-of-the-art equipment and amenities like parking, lockers and a shower. Still, Willer wants to offer more.

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The fully renovated studio at Axis Pilates.
Alexandra Chiafery
“I’ve been in the fitness world for more than a decade now, having been certified in Pilates when I was living in L.A.,” she says, recalling her experience working in the fitness industry. “I’ve always been helping people, and I think we can continue to grow this community even more with Axis now.”

Willer’s next steps are to hire one more instructor — specifically certified in Pilates and cycling — and focus on growing her private-room clientele. Once the studio is fully staffed, she hopes to add at least ten more classes, taking the number to a minimum of 45 different classes offered each week.

Drop-in rates for Axis Pilates start at $25, and monthly memberships and packages will round out to dropping the price point to $15 per class.

An official unveiling celebration will take place on Saturday, September 16, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., when anyone is invited to take a free demo class and receive a complimentary spray tan from Bronzed Denver. Classes will take place at 11 a.m., noon and 1 p.m.; those interested can sign up online here.

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